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We design and build AI tools tailored to your business objectives. Whether you need a smart chatbot or an advanced automation, we engineer solutions which...

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We are a team of AI geeks, software engineers and entrepreneurs who are passionate about creating innovative solutions. We stay up-to-date with the latest technologies and tools and continuously test new products. We combine our technical expertise with our industry insights to engineer solutions for you that are both cutting-edge and simple to use.


Connection of various apps via APIs to safe tons of time


Systematic approaches to your daily tasks and easy to follow routines for your employees


Elimination of pen and paper to make every information accessible to your team

AI Era

Generation of the content you need like image, text, audio or video

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Thumbnail: Paperless-ngx Backup Automation

Backup automation with Paperless-ngx and rclone

Ready for the ultimate backup solution? How to use Paperless-ngx and rclone to back up your documents in the cloud fully automated and encrypted.

Thumbnail: Notion vs Asana. Ein Astronaut fügt Aufgaben zu einem Projektplan hinzu in einem Raumschiff.

Notion vs Asana: Which is the better project management tool?

Is Notion the same as Asana? No, there are fundamental differences between Notion and Asana. Learn which tool is better for you based on 12 criteria.

Thumbnail: A massive amount of documents floating around in space.

Ultimate efficiency with this folder structure for companies

8 reasons why a hierarchical folder structure is inefficient for companies and self-employed individuals: alternative approaches, solutions, and best practices for document management.

Thumbnail: Paperless workflow with employees: configure permissions

Paperless workflow with employees: configure permissions

Configure permissions for employees in Paperless-ngx intelligently. All permissions at a glance! User configuration explained with examples.

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