Transform your physical documents into a searchable online archive

Paperless-ngx is an open-source community-developed document management software that runs on the server. You can connect your scanner to it or just drop files from your devices into the consumption of Paperless. The software automatically sorts and names your documents and makes them fully searchable thanks to OCR.

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Find the right documents at a blazing speed and simplify collaborating with your team by digitalizing all your documents with Paperless.

Never worry about your files. Everything is backed up on your server.

Forget about the repetitive task of manually naming and sorting documents. Automate from scan to document management and save a lot of time.

Avergage time to find a document
< 15 sec
Thanks to intelligent OCR search
Teach paperless-ngx how to
Name, tag and sort
No need for a classic folder structure
Your data stays safe with
Flexible access rules
You decide what your team will see
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What are the requirements to benefit from The Paperless Office?

To get started you need nothing more than a device capable of running the web application. Depending on your use case you might prefer connecting a document scanner and run The Paperless Office on a Network-Attached-Storage (NAS) or a Virtual-Private-Server (VPS).

Paperless-ngx open source software

Optional: A scanner that is capable of sending files to a folder (e.g. Fujitsu ScanSnap).

A server to run the app and store your files: That can be your computer, a company server (e.g. Synology NAS) or external server.

How to use The Paperless Office?

We share a lot of free resources on our website. In addition, our clients profit from our premium support. We help you set up your workflow and individual configurations.

Check out our curated articles and read about workflows, guides, tips and tricks about Paperless-ngx.

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Our fully managed solution

We set up and fully configure the Paperless system for you. Customized to your needs. Backed up securely.

Order today and start using the Paperless system within the next days! We set up Paperless-ngx for you on a server of your choice.

Save time and effort. Professional installation and configuration customized to your use cases.

You get an individual backup solution so that your data can always be recovered.

You get a secured bulletproof server after the highest cyber security standards to provide the best possible protection for your data.

You get full support & maintenance and tips with using the software in an optimal way.

You get all your devices integrated (Scanners, mobile phones, etc.).

You benefit from a 30 day money back guarantee if you can't increase your efficiency.

Order process

Book your free discovery call with us now. We'll explore if this solutions is a good fit for your use case. We're also more than happy to give you a quick tour through the software and to answer your remaining questions.

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The paperless office

Automate your document management. Fully managed solution.

$49 / month

+ $499 one-time setup cost

Paperless-ngx installed on your company server or a virtual private server.

Custom backup solution.

Cybersecurity best practices.

Custom configuration of Paperless-ngx.

Continuous premium support & maintenance package

Bonus: Digitizer-Space-Guarantee

Server costs not included.

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Please don't upload sensitive data. This is a public installation of Paperless-ngx. Everyone can sign in and see what you've uploaded.

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Frequently asked questions

Feel free to contact us here if you have further questions. We're happy to help.

I don't have a server yet. Which server solution is right for me?

The right server solution depends on various individual factors. If you have a fixed office and the budget, it might make sense to buy your own server. The Synology NAS is popular among smaller businesses. If you are fully remote, a VPS probably makes more sense. Also, you should ensure that your server is connected to a fast internet line, otherwise your entire workflow will be slowed down. We are currently working on an advisory chatbot that will help you make a decision.

I don't have a scanner yet. Which scanner is right for me?

It depends on various factors (e.g., budget, scanning speed, Wi-Fi connectivity, the dimensions of your documents, duplex scanning, portability, ease of use). One of the most popular allround document scanner is the ScanSnap. We are currently working on an advisory chatbot that will help you make a decision.

Who is this solution suitable for?

For almost any type of business that wants to manage its documents intelligently. Paperless is scalable and works with any archive size.

Is my data safe?

If you follow our best practices in cybersecurity, your data is quite safe. Paperless runs on your server. At no time is your data exchanged or shared with external companies. You do not need to make your Paperless instance publicly accessible via domain (like our Demo, for example). We can set up a VPN access with firewall rules for you, as well as a private DNS server. This way, your instance is only accessible to your authorized devices. Additionally, you have the option to turn off your server when you don't need it. Paperless also offers the possibility of multi-factor authentication. We have some more security measures. This makes you very unattractive to most hackers.

How does Paperless name my files?

Paperless always keeps your original files and also creates a copy. In the standard configuration, Paperless numbers your files. This is fine in many cases because you will probably only retrieve the files via the Paperless user interface. Nevertheless, there is the possibility to make individual specifications for naming. You have the choice.

Can I give flexible access rights?

Yes, absolutely. That is one of the core functions of Paperless. You can create as many users and groups as you like and decide which parts of the application should be unlocked for these people. You can give permissions for each individual file or groups of files based on tags or other characteristics.

Can I transfer my existing folder structure?

Yes, that is possible. Paperless can create any folder structure for you parallel to the tag-based system. Additionally, you can have your folder structure converted into tags during import.

Where does Paperless store my original files?

During installation, you can specify where your original files should be stored. By default, Docker manages this. However, you can choose any other storage path.

What does a typical workflow look like?

You first put a document in the Paperless Consumer. Usually, you scan your documents via a document scanner. Your scanner is configured to automatically drop the documents in the Paperless Consumer folder. However, you can also add documents via smartphone, email, drag-n-drop, or API. Paperless regularly checks the Consumer for new content and then imports it into the system. After Paperless has successfully processed your document and created the OCR layer, you can add more details to your document. E.g., title, correspondent, date, document type, tags, or custom fields. Paperless has a matching algorithm and can set many details automatically over time. You can now find your document in seconds via search or filters. You can create users, workflows, and more. Your creativity has no limits. On our Blog, you can find many examples of workflows.

Data protection

Our server solution is compliant with EU Regulation 2016/679 (General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR), the German Federal Data Protection Act (Bundesdatenschutzgesetz, BDSG), the data protection laws of the German Federal States as well as the German Telemedia Act (Telemediengesetz, TMG) and the German Telecommunications-Telemedia-Data-Protection Act (Telekommunikations-Telemedien-Datenschutz-Gesetz, TTDSG).

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