Free online demo of Paperless-ngx

Here you can try out the latest stable version of Paperless-ngx for free!

Last updated: Apr 6, 2024

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Try out Paperless-ngx for free

We have installed the latest version of the popular document management application, Paperless-ngx, on our server. You can test it for free on our system. Get an impression without having to install it.

Here is the link to the free online demo of Paperless-ngx:

Access credentials

Enter these credentials to log in:

Username: demo

Password: digitizerspace

Terms of use

Note: Please do not upload confidential or copyrighted documents! The free online demo of Paperless-ngx is publicly accessible to everyone. Test the system only with irrelevant documents. Do not upload documents that are important to you. We regularly reset the demo.

🛠️ Paperless-ngx IT Support 🛠️

Need help with the installation or configuration of Paperless-ngx? I'm happy to assist! Just send me an email at:

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